I become a flashpacker

I’ve worked as a writer and editor for a number of years now, and one thing this profession instills in all of us who pursue it long enough is a lust for naming. It feels… right… to pause, look skyward, and search for that perfect word, the word that grabs the topic at hand and pins a tail squarely above its ass.

This is what separates great writers (and adequate ones) from those masses who don’t devote those few seconds to finding the perfect word. It’s what makes us hopelessly irritating to many of those who (otherwise) love us.

And it’s why I’m now compelled to start this blog.

As I’ll tell you soon enough, my wife and I are embarking on some fantastic new adventures. We’ve planned this for a while. We’ve given our notice at the day jobs, her after eight years, me after five. (We’re still young, but we’re not getting any younger.) We’ve got plane tickets, laptops, and Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations.

First stop: Bangkok. We fly out in five weeks, minus a day.

This trip is many things — an escape, a vacation, a working holiday. And to scratch that taxonomic itch, it’s an experiment in flashpacking.

What’s flashpacking? Travel writer Kathleen Crisslip calls it “backpacking with bucks and toys.” According to Tim Ferriss (author of the highly enjoyable book The 4-Hour Work Week), flashpackers dig polyester. That’s not much to go on, but it’s a start.

Over the coming year (and onward), I’m planning to turn this site into a manifesto of what flashpacking means to me. I’m packing light, backing up data, and bringing a sturdy Flash drive. It’s a vacation, but I’m working. And looking forward to everything.

I hope my successes will inspire you. And I hope the inevitable disasters that await me will serve as cautionary tales. If you think living online doesn’t have to mean living at home… join me, won’t you?

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